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Bramble Cay melomys lived on the coral island of Bramble Cay, located in theTorres Strait between Queensland state and Papua New Guinea
We've seen some pretty stunning images of the Moon over the years thanks to high-powered imaging tools from NASA and other space agencies, but you don't need a massive observatory just to create a gorgeous picture of Earth's closest neighbor. Photographer Andrew McCarthy produced the incredible Moon image you see above (and here, in full resolution) using a Sony camera and a standalone ZWO astronomy camera that you can buy yourself for under $300.The catch? Well, the image isn't a single photo but the result of some 50,000 individual photos snapped, studied, and then stitched together. That's a lot of work for a single image, but the result suggests it was more than worth it.There's a ton of detail in the final 81-megapixel image, and you could stare at it for a while and still notice new features that jump out at you from the Moon's surface. It's a gorgeous image, and it took plenty of work to make it happen."The lit side of the moon was processed using 25 'tiles' that were stitched together in Photoshop," McCarthy told PetaPixel. "Each 'tile' was a stack of the best 50% of 2000 images captured with the ZWO. The dark side is around 13 tiles, each with the best of around 50 images. The stars were captured with a stack of 50 shots with the Sony."The resulting image was then tweaked for contrast until McCarthy was happy with its look. The image is sharp enough to see lots of tiny features on the Moon's surface while balancing both the lit and shadowy sides so we can see as much as possible.
Lyft, which announced in December that it had filed its IPO application confidentially with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, intends to list its shares on the Nasdaq market, the person said. A spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Lyft declined to comment. The details of the companies IPO plans were reported earlier by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.
First off, they aren't actually zombies.
Heads of state of 17 countries in the Sahel region of Africa will hold a summit on Monday in Niamey to approve a climate investment plan worth $400 billion over 12 years, the Niger government said Wednesday. The "ambitious" plan for the period 2018-30 will involve "17 nations from the Atlantic Ocean to the Horn of Africa" and will represent the "translation (into actions) of our nations' commitments through the Paris agreement on climate change", Environment Minister Almoustapha Garba told reporters. The $400 billion (350 billion euro) plan focuses on six projects aiming to limit greenhouse gas emissions and to help people adapt to climate change, he added.
Beth Pendergrass' Instagram account chronicles her cancer journey with her photos of recreations of famous characters.
Infants have delicate hearing. Parents need to think about protection.
The theory that young people's blood reverses the effects of aging comes from an experiment on mice.
BERLIN (AP) — Commodities giant Glencore said Wednesday it will cap how much coal it mines amid shareholder pressure for it to help reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Also it starts at $1,980.
The spacecraft launched by SpaceX will not only be Israel's first lunar mission, but the country's first privately funded one as well.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shot himself in the foot...and is reloading.
Dermatologists weigh in on the most common reasons for redness on your face and how to treat each one, from rosacea to overexfoliation and contact dermatitis.
It appears stripes make terrible landing strips, bamboozling the fierce blood-sucking flies that try to feast on zebras and carry deadly diseases. Researchers on Wednesday described experiments demonstrating that horse flies have a difficult time landing on zebras while easily landing on uniformly colored horses. "We showed that horse flies approach zebras and uniformly colored horses at similar rates but that they fail to land on zebras - or striped horse coats - because they fail to decelerate properly, and so fly past them or literally bump into them and bounce off," said behavioral ecologist Tim Caro of the University of California-Davis, lead author of the research published in the journal PLOS ONE.
At simultaneous launch events in San Francisco and London on Wednesday, the South Korean technology giant introduced four new phones -- the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G. The S10 and S10+ are direct successors to last year’s S9 and S9+, while the S10e and S10 5G are two new models for the company: a low-end phone aimed at Apple’s iPhone XR, and a high-end version priced above $1,000.